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[DiscoPodcast001] + Interview By : Luca Albano

Hi Folks Enjoy It !!!!!! Podcast + Interview by Luca Albano a artist of Disco1860.

Luca Albano was born in Rome, Italy in 1987. He is in the music scene playing since 2003 as a dj and on 2006 he released his first production “Airtrack” on Stereo Seven Plus (Italy). He has played in a lot of european and italian clubs and now he is living in Berlin, Germany where he continued to produce and make collaborations with many djs and producers. During his performance he always involved the people to feel his sound and mix their emotions. Many releases and remixes are upcoming in 2010 with some big collaborations and he is starting to work also with new italian and european labels. Now he is just working for Sk Supreme Records (Albania), Nulogic Records (Germany), Pild Records (Argentina), High Definition Records (Brasil), Pura Music (Spain), Lou Lou Records (Belgium), Trend Records (Italy) and he started a new project in collaboration with some booking agency, that will bring him to have new experiences in many clubs.

Interview Of Luca Albano For Disco1860 :

 – How long time have you been in the electronic scene ?

  I’m in electronic scene playing since i was 2003 as a dj and the first production in 2006. 

– How did you learn to mix and produce ?

 Learn myself to mix and produce at home, only with passion and more patient.

– Tell me something about the space that you had in some night clubs in europe, especially in italy, and how it    was important in your career ?
 I have had many experience in Italy and Europe scene in club as Guendalina (Lecce), Altromondo Studios (Rimini), Vanilla (Svizzera), Chalet Delle Rose(Bologna), Felix (Cagliari), Frau Marlene (Lucca), JubilÈ Beach (Bari),Mantra (Sardegna), Matis (Bologna), Miu J’adore (Ancona) and many more.
Now im starting to play also in Germany, where i live, with a new project booking and production of course. 
I take with me all the emotions from this experience and i think that they were all important for me and for my next shows.
– Tell me what artists have influenced you to come to your present sound…bye the way a really groove house ?
My sound is inspired from many kind of music. I grow up in a family where my mother listen everytime 70/80 music and more pop and classical music
and she also learned me to play piano. Also my father give me elettronic inspiration about Kraftwerk, Depeche mode and so on. And when i decided to play music, i liked to follow Locodice, Martin Buttrich and many others artists of this kind of music and next i choose the real groove that i need to play.
– In your productions we can listen really latin sounds, we would like to know more about it, and also tell us which one is your inspiration to produce music ?
I ever like the latin sound and popular and classical music of all the countries. 
And so i decided in some productions to make this and the same for my dj set. 
I think that this sound are so good and make happy groove for happy CROWD!
–  Wich difference you see between chicago house and contemporany house ?
I think that now we have a mix of techno, detroit, elettronic and house music. 
We have some old detroit groove that find very good mix with contemporany house
music and also some old vocal that people know and remember the old times but with actually sounds.
–  Tell us something about the evolution that italian producers have had, few years ago was the techno, but now we see a lot of producers that have changed their line to one sound more house ?
I think is a different way to make techno with house influences. Some producers
change also for new latin, jungle and deep influences. And i like it , because it’s more fun to listen different kind of music during a dj set. 
– Wich have been the most important experiences during the time that you have been inside of the scene ?
I can’t decide because i have had very good times everytime i was in a club. Now i’m living in Berlin and here i think that i have founded the right inspiration for me and my music and also for make some other good experiences.
– What is coming to luca albano in  the furute, we mean like new projects or remixes ?
In the next months there some Single, VV.AA coming and remixes on label of Italy, Columbia, Argentina, Germany and Holland and we are planning some tours in this countries. So i hope to see you soon there! : – ) 
thanks  luca !


And Now The Podcast001 Of Disco1860

[DiscoPodcast001] – Luca Albano 


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