Free Music



DARKBLACK or DB.MUSIC, this is how a duo the city of Medellin calls himself,  Made by Oscar Quintero a young musician influenced by alternative rock sound and the music minimalist approximately from the year 2000 and Juan Guillermo Ocampo a young follower of the music  electronica around of the year 2004, who is seduced by the sounds Electro House and Techno at the beginning of his encounter with electronic music, is also himself interested in learning how to mix in 2008 and produce music. these two youngsters are project Darkblack created in 2009. With the idea of innovate with minimalist sounds and taking too the melodies of “Trance”, For reach an innovative musical concept. These two dudes still are in your search.

D.EGLESS is Diego Uribe of the city Medellin who is part of two interesting projects Naderfunk & Piggem, young producer who demonstrates an impressive talent in his productions that pass from IDM noise to industrial sounds with a particular atmosphere, DJ also that move in genres as the Minimal-Techno and is one of the new producers with more future in the city of Medellin.

Juan Camilo calls himself  VANDELKLANG who includes the Funky House and Tech House, bringing give to know at its audience the transformations and sound changes, as well as a lively music and energetic. Also is a young graphic designer and musician of the city of Medellin, Colombia. Vandelklang shows a softer side for the dancefloors and exquisite, Blending Funk, Jazz, Soul and some waves strong  with subtle melodies House music.


Sátt is an project avant-garde of experimental music, created by Oscar Quintero & Santiago Sanchez . Who describe it as: the language of the soul.